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Carousel Series Rotating Displayers
(Scroll down for demonstration videos)

 Add MOTION to your displays with
Carousel Series Rotating Displayers

Available in three models

Double ~ Triple ~ Quad
For display of two, three or four forms of your choice.
Show multiple outfits at the same time - all with options for motion. 

two Motion configurations

Non-Stop Continuous Rotation (Style NSA)
Standard rotation is 2 RPM (rotations per minute)
however, speed can be modified to fit your preference. 

Stop-Pause & Go Rotation (Style WSR)
WSR rotating units are programed to stop and pause (for any time
frame desired), and then move up the next display for presentation.
Triple Model with three forms
set for rotation with a timed
pause for each item.
Double Model programed
with continuous rotation.
Speed is adjustable.
Quad Model with rotation set to
pause on every other form.
Can be set to pause on each form.

Stop-Pause & Go units can be indexed to stop for a period of anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds, depending upon the desired pausing period. This gives the customer the opportunity to view the product at a stand still and at the same time get a view of the back of the product. 

Tobart recommends that the display pause for not more than 10 seconds so as not to lose the customer's interest. For Continuous rotation, the recommended rotating time is 1-2 rpm. 

These units take up a very minimal amount of space and are available with a signage option that is shown below. 


The actual metal unit is of a height of 5' 10" but can be adjusted to any height desired including a counter unit which can just show blouses or shorter displays. The unit can also be adapted to display from the ceiling with a similar vertical rod that extends from the ceiling down.

The Carousel series has a pedestal base for floor usage. It can be custom painted and designed. It is built so as to carry the proper amount of weight for two, three or four forms.

Motion is patent pending and is available with custom colors and/or different materials. 

Optional Sign Holders

Frame your displays for a unique focused presentation

Motion also comes with a signage option that allows for custom background and provides a frame for each product that comes around. The signage option is available for the Double, Triple or Quad models. Custom signage can be prepared by Tobart and/or in-house. 

With the signage option, the product is framed properly so as to not see any of the other forms that are on display. 

Patent Pending
For more information call Tobart at (908) 688-3888
or email